Five Reasons to Upgrade Ceramic Filling

In the modern age, very few dentists use metal amalgam filling. Tooth damage is just not a functional issue but also a cosmetic problem. Damaged teeth or broken teeth can be the consequences of long-term health risks. The tooth gap promotes infection. Bacteria, food particles accumulate in this gap and cause more pain along with life-long complications.

Now doctor prefers ceramic filling over metal fillings. However, each tooth-colored filling is not the same.

There are two types of tooth-coloured fillings available in dentistry including Ceramic and composite. The composite filling is superior to metal amalgam. However, the ceramic filling is much better. In this article, we are going to give you the top five reasons why you should want to convert your composite filling into the ceramic filling.

Five reasons to convert ceramic filling

More attractive and presentable
The ceramic-composite filling looks better when they are being first polished. You can adjust the ceramic color to look beautiful naturally, even when they get polished, they carry the same sparkles as the natural tooth enamel should have.

However, the soft plastic part of the composite ceramic filling is prone to surface damage, therefore, it can lose its lustre. When the composite filling loses its lustre, the composite filling looks like dark grooves on your teeth. Ceramic filing is enduring and its surface is resistant to physical tear and wear, and chemical acid attack. Ceramic filling strongly holds its lustre and looks alike natural teeth.

Less discoloration
The lack of brightness is a very minute cosmetic flaw that anybody won’t notice, but you may not like to observe the color changes that sometimes influence composite ceramic fillings. The composite ceramic filling is the part of cosmetic dentistry where the plastic absorbs stain molecules from food and drink sources. If anyone consumes a lot of tea, coffee, or red wine, the ceramic composite filling gets easily stained. As the ceramic filling does not respond to whitening as natural teeth do, this can become a big cosmetic glitch.
One positive factor is that the ceramic filling does not soak stain molecules as long as they hold their surface sheen. They will retain the same color matches with natural teeth.

Reduced sensitivity
Metal fillings produce heat into the teeth, which generates temperature sensitivity. Both ceramic filling and composite are great insulators in nature than a metal filling. They equally protect your tooth from temperature sensitivity. The composite filling is soft in nature, and the softness of the composite filling eases the pressure sensitivity. If anyone has sensitive fillings, he must replace them with ceramic filling to fix the pressure sensitivity.

More durable in nature

The ceramic filling is more durable than a metal filling. The ceramic filling is designed in such a way that remains durable for long years. Therefore, It is much stronger than composite fillings. The subsequent strength makes them more enduring. The composite filling has the durability of ten years while ceramic filling has the durability of thirty years.

Strengthen teeth

The primary downside of the composite filling does not cope with the sensitivity. In some cases, it can actually dwindle your teeth and putting them at a risk. However, It is the only con when composite filling has been implemented to recover a deep cavity. Dental health is the basic importance for your health and appearance. Thus cosmetic dentistry works on this to offer better treatment which is equally effective to improve the appearance of a person and the functionality of the dent. You must take experts to advise before choosing any of the fillings.

Why cosmetic dentistry is so important?

Before we going into the positive aspects of cosmetic dental treatment, you have to be aware of cosmetic dentistry treatment.
Cosmetic dental treatment is a restoration procedure of your smile. Everyone wants to smile with their dazzling teeth. The tooth restoration procedures include Veneers, bridges, crowns, teeth whitening, straightening of teeth applying braces, and other medically advanced treatments. On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry improves aesthetic values and changes your appearance. Celebrities often do a cosmetic dental makeover to improve their smile and confidence

Why do you need cosmetic dental treatment?

There are few reasons why you may require cosmetic dental treatment

  • To improve your smile, cosmetic dental care provide you a better smile. It brings out the perfect smile full of confidence because cosmetic treatment offers an aesthetic effect. The specific treatment starts with smile analysis which usually helps your dentist to read the different aspects of your smile. Specialists find out the corrective measure before treatment.
  • Teeth whitening is a process to brighten up your smile, teeth whitening can be achieved under the supervision of a cosmetic dentist specialist. It brightens up your teeth one-two shade lighter.

If you are struggling with any kind of dental complication, take medical assistance immediately. Just search Best dentist near me, and get the list of a professional dentist, choose according to your preference and resolve your dental complication.