Natural Teeth Whitening Tips for Stained or Yellow Teeth

teeth whitening

Ageing is an inevitable process and no matter what one does, you can’t ever reverse the process.

Added to that, the food we have and the drinks that we enjoy can all result in the destruction of the smile that we all hold dear.

So if you often look into the mirror and sigh thinking about what happened to your beautiful smile then you are not alone.

Deterioration in the colour of your teeth can be quite subtle and happen gradually.

As the outer enamel wears away, the yellowing of the dentin underneath can get more visible eventually. Below the outside layer of the enamel, lies the dentin. It is the second layer of tissue that is calcified.

This is quite a depressing sight to behold and takes a toll on how we are perceived socially.

So if you are looking to restore the lustre of your pearly whites and do away with the dingy yellow stains, then here are some tips for you which can help you to get exactly what you desire.

These DIY remedies can assist in whitening the teeth and avoiding the stains can stop the discolouration further.

  • Oil-pulling – Oil pulling is the term for washing the mouth with the help of oil to do away with the bacteria, dirt and debris. Although it, by no means, is the substitute for the flossing or regular brushing, studies have shown that using certain types of oil for whitening the teeth is quite effective. For this, use oil to rinse the mouth for about 60 seconds post brushing your teeth and then spit it out. The oils that are ideal for mouth washing include
    a) sesame oil
    b) sunflower oil
    c) coconut oil
  • Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda – Bacteria and plaque build-up can be done away with a paste that you can make with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. For this you should mix 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and 1 tablespoon of baking soda and your paste is ready. Once you brush with this paste, wash your mouth carefully and comprehensively. For making a mouthwash you can also use the ingredients in the same proportion. You can also try mixing the water with baking soda for this. Reviews have shown that the toothpaste with the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide remove stains in a much better way. This can also be used on a daily basis.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – When it is used in limited quantity, the apple cider vinegar can decrease the teeth stains and improve the whiteness of your teeth. Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar comes with teeth whitening effect. However, you should remember that excessive use of apple cider vinegar can damage the teeth. So you should use the cider vinegar with caution and sparingly.
  • Vegetables and Fruits – A diet that is high in vegetables and fruits can be beneficial for both the body and teeth. Though that cannot be the alternative to brushing, the raw and crunchy vegetables and fruits can help to do away with the plaque as you chew. The pineapples and strawberries are the 2 fruits that are claimed to whiten the teeth.
  • Peels of Oranges, Lemons and Bananas – Some people claim that rubbing banana, orange and lemon peels on the teeth can help you to get whiter teeth. It is believed that the compounds like citric acid and d-limonene present in the peels of citric fruits will assist to whiten the teeth. You just need to rub the peels for a couple of minutes on the teeth. Ensure that you thoroughly rinse the mouth out and brush the teeth afterward. Research has shown that that the tangerine peel extract can achieve the best results in this case.

These are some of the things that you can try for whitening your teeth. However, keep in mind that nothing can beat the professional teeth whitening procedure. So if you want long-term results and great oral health along with a million-dollar smile, then you must consult with your dentist.