Why You Should Never Ignore a Missing Tooth?

missing teeth

Your pearly whites are an asset of a lifetime.
During the childhood days, all of us looked forward to losing one or more teeth as it was meant to be a gift from the Tooth fairy. But as adulthood struck, losing the teeth is no more a pleasant phenomenon.

Healthy teeth are a sealed gateway into the bloodstream and for the rest of the body. So if you have damaged one of the little gateways, then what remains is a wound that is open and that can leave you more prone to all kinds of harmful problems.

Here are some of the problems that can arise if you ignore a missing tooth. Just take a look.

    • Facial Structure Gets Harmed – Losing the teeth creates spaces in the smile but that is just the beginning of the facial issues which causes the loss of teeth. Missing teeth can also alter the mouth’s structure. The surrounding bone tissue remains surrounded by the teeth which protect them and retain their health. That is why without the teeth, the tissue starts to get weakened from the lack of usage. This can cause the mouth to sag after caving in and the remaining teeth can shift inside the mouth.
    • Chances of Gum Disease Increase – When the tooth falls out, a wound is created in the gum tissue. The mouth becomes the wet spot that becomes the breeding ground for most of the different kinds of bacteria. This implies that when you lose one tooth, you are at a much higher risk of developing an infection than if the tooth remained intact. The gum infections are not just inconvenient and painful, but they also give rise to gum disease. The gum tissue starts to recede when gum disease develops and this, in turn, gives rise to more loss of teeth. Moreover, gum disease is also linked with a number of serious conditions of health which include diabetes and heart disease. This means that missing teeth not just puts the gums at risk, but your overall health can be jeopardised, too!
    • Makes It Difficult to Talk and Chew – You are more likely to suffer from discomfort when there is missing tooth. You are likely to experience discomfort when you chew the food. You may find it challenging to have some of the most favourite food. Changing the way you chew can result in added wear and tear on the remaining teeth. This can make the improper development of the adjacent muscles in the face and jaw. On the basis of the location of the tooth that is missing, you can also find is challenging to pronounce words and talk in the right way.
    • Risk of Crooked Teeth Enhances – This is not a cosmetic concern. Just one missing tooth in the mouth can make room for the surrounding teeth to move. Over time, the healthy teeth get crooked as they get misaligned. The crooked teeth are free from bacteria and keep clean that causes the build-up of the plaque and decaying of teeth. When you have well-aligned teeth, you can brush and floss the teeth properly. This prevents both cavities and gum disease.
    • Sheer Loss of Confidence– For most people, the consequences of missing teeth are physical as well as psychological. You may find yourself feeling less confident about the way you smile which can affect your self-esteem!

These are some of the reasons why ignoring missing teeth is dangerous and has more serious consequences than you know. So if you want to retain your confidence, your facial aesthetics as well as overall health, start taking care of your teeth and begin replacing your missing teeth.